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DaunitDAUnit (Data Acquisition Unit) is a service offered by the HES-SO to support researchers, mainly in health, in their research projects, in particular to design, adapt and implement surveys and questionnaires. DAUnit offers researchers professional support in the technical, methodological and practical aspects of research. It is attached to the Health Axis of the HES-SO Valais Wallis.







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New rates for using REDCap

DAUnit offers support throughout your research process: analysis of your project needs, REDCap training, creation of the DMP (data management plan), support in writing the protocol for the ethics committee, creation of instruments, statistical support, etc. In early 2022, we began developing a new contract model for using DAUnit services and managing projects with REDCap. This model is based on contracts with Institutions (either Institutes or Pathways) that use REDCap for research data collection. For administrative reasons, the minimum contract amount is 5000 CHF and consists of a minimum of 5 slots (1000 CHF each).

These slots can be combined according to the needs of the Institution. Slots with research or student projects are annual slots, while support slots can be used over a longer period.


In this table you have the overview of each slot type and their content, duration and price. In color, we have added some examples to show you how you can create your packages by combining slots of each type. Please note that you can have a package with 5 slots of the same type and none of another type.


Past events : 

HES-SO Open Science Days - May 9 and 10, 2022, in Lausanne (La Source)

The DAUnit has been involved in the organization of the HES-SO Open Science Days organized on May 9 and 10, 2022, in Lausanne (La Source).

The program as well as the presentations and videos of these days can be found here.

Launch of the RDSN project - September 2021

The RDSN project aims to be a network of expertise and infrastructure providing support services for high quality research including :

  • First level support for any question on Open Science (OS) and Research Data Management (RDM).
  • Recommendations of solutions according to the specificities of the schools
  • Training (Data Management, Open Sciences, data storage tools, ethical and legal aspects...)
  • Specific support integrated into the research project, such as writing a DMP, document monitoring, statistical analysis, research methodology proposals, use of certain tools (REDCap, R, encryption, etc.), etc.
  • Guidelines indicating good practices by
  • A centralization of information on the websites of the media libraries
  • A technological watch of technical solutions and best practices from other institutions inside and outside HES-SO
  • Advice on the use of research data 

Where can you find us?

For any questions, contact us by email at  : RDSN@hevs.ch

For more information: Projet RDSN

Deepening REDCap (Sierre) - March 31, 2020, from 9:30 am to 12 pm

Organized by the DAUnit

Research Data Management: Quantitative Data - February 21, 2020, at Lausanne HEdS (La Source)

Moderated by Silas KRUG (DLCM), Eliane BLUMER (EPFL) and Anne-Laure Kaufmann (DAUnit).

Quantitative data throughout the research data life cycle:

  • the collection/capture,
  • processing,
  • documentation,
  • long-term preservation,
  • sharing,
  • publishing
  • reuse of quantitative data with appropriate tools.

Workshops on 5 tools: RedCap, Renku, Olos, A!ida, materials Cloud

REDCAP, Ethics and Anonymization - December 11, 2019 - Sion

Animated by Roger Hilfiker (DAUnit), Jean-Gabriel Piguet (SEA), Anne-Laure Kaufmann (DAUnit)

To close the year, the DAUnit organized a training session offered by the Health Axis to train researchers on :

  • Advanced features of RedCap
  • Exporting and analyzing data with common statistical tools.
  • Anonymization: ethical and legal issues
  • Relevant questions to ask and recommendations for writing the research protocol for the Ethics Committee
  • Case studies: Consent in the context of Open Science

This day in small committees was very rich in sharing the difficulties encountered by the different collaborators in their research project.

Why DAUnit?

To facilitate the design and implementation of high quality studies: rights, patient safety and well-being, data reliability, study conducted in accordance with the protocol and Good Clinical Practice (GCP) as well as current regulations. To help you implement research that respects ethics and good clinical practice.

Main missions

DAUnit's main missions are to ensure the supervision of researchers for data acquisition, the training of investigators in the data capture tool, the creation and maintenance of support services for the use of different tools (REDCap, Midata, Pryv,...) as well as collaboration with the CTUs of Switzerland.


IIG – HES-SO Valais-Wallis
Techno-Pôle 3
3960 Sierre

Phone : +41 27 606 90 01
email : daunit@hevs.ch

Assistance : monday– friday/ 09:00 – 17:00