To support the acquisition and retention of health science research data and related projects, we use REDCap (Recherche Electronic Data Capture), an online service with a mobile application designed to develop and manage online surveys and polls.

REDCap is a web-based electronic data capture solution for designing clinical research questionnaires and databases. It was built by a team dedicated to Vanderbilt University and has been widely used for many projects in hundreds of institutions, including hospitals, universities, medical research centres, national research programmes, etc. Such a service simplifies the data capture process and helps standardize the different tasks of health research projects, so that data life cycle management is reliable and secure.

The use of electronic CRFs (eCRFs) is gaining in popularity due to the benefits they offer, such as improved data quality, online discrepancy management and faster database locking.

The main objectives of the CRF's development are to preserve and maintain data quality and integrity. The design of the CRF must be standardized to meet the needs of all users, such as the investigator, site coordinator, study monitor, data entry staff, medical coder and statistician. Data should be organized in a format that facilitates and simplifies data analysis.

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Benefits of using REDCap


No more paper data - Computer-assisted data acquisition - Data centralization - Questionnaire creation support - Project administration support - Pre-production training device - Adapted to multicentric - Respect for data confidentiality - Restricted access rights based on user profile - Secure data management - Data anonymization device - Possible management on mobile devices - Allows working with different trades (doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, etc.) - Multilingual (French, English)





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